Bossy Boots

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Bossy Boots © 2023 by Shane Ivers is licensed under CC BY 4.0 Creative Commons logoCCBY icon

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Smooth, hip-shaking, Latin Bossa Nova funk! Not the classic “elevator music” style, but something a bit more vibrant and upbeat. Jazzy drums, a buttery-smooth fretless bass, funky organ, and jaunty electric piano are all totally overshadowed by the wonderful sound of the cuíca!

The Pro License includes stems of individual instruments so you can make your own remixes, or arrangements:

Are you looking for the perfect soundtrack to spice up your content? Look no further! This Latin Bossa Nova funk will have your audience’s hips shaking in no time. This isn’t your typical “elevator music” – it’s a vibrant and upbeat tune that’s sure to make your content stand out.

With jazzy drums, a buttery-smooth fretless bass, funky organ, and jaunty electric piano, this piece has everything you need for a catchy and engaging soundtrack. But the real star of the show is the cuíca – its wonderful sound adds an irresistible element of excitement and energy.

Whether you’re creating a video, podcast, or any other type of content, this music is sure to capture your audience’s attention and keep them engaged. So why settle for boring background music? Choose this Latin Bossa Nova funk and take your content to the next level!


I imagine this being used in some fancy kitchen product demo, or perhaps just a really exciting elevator…

BPM: 115

ISRC: UKEZT2300009


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