Copyright Claim Resolution Guide

So you got a copyright claim? Don’t worry it’s very easy to resolve!

If you’ve received a YouTube copyright claim in a video featuring my music, this guide will assist you in resolving the issue promptly. Click on the relevant option:

Creative Commons

If you’re using the Creative Commons license (give credit), It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1. Add Credits

Put the correct credits in the YouTube video description.

2. Fill in the Form

Enter the details, and send the form off.

3. Wait for all of this to blow over

Once you've done steps 1 and 2, the claim should be removed within 1 working day (nice cold pint optional).

What should a credit look like?

It should look something like the following:

Music: [Track Title] by Shane Ivers –

The Smart Content ID system specifically searches for the following text in your video description:

  • Shane Ivers
  • @SilvermanSound

While you can just mention any one of those options, an ideal credit would look like the example above.

Common Causes for a Claim Despite Credit:

  1. The credit was added after the claim was made. To fix this, use the Claim Release Form to request removal.
  2. The claim was initiated by a nefarious third-party (see below).
  3. The credit has been misspelled.
  4. It’s not one of my tracks!

If you’ve corrected the credit, use the Claim Release Form to request removal. If the claim persists after 2 working days, feel free to contact me directly for further assistance.

I have a Pro License!

Please contact me as soon as possible with a link to your YouTube channel, and your license details. I’ll add your channel to the whitelist. It should be resolved no later than 2 working days.

Rest assured you don’t need to add credits!

Check it’s definitely a claim from me:

A legitimate claim from me will look like this:

We Are Era Music BV, claimed on behalf of Shane Ivers.

If the claim appears differently, it may be due to other reasons, such as an imposter falsely claiming my music! In such cases, please contact me here for assistance.

Why did I receive a copyright claim?

All of the music on the site is free to use with proper credit. It’s all made possible by the Creative Commons license.

However, shady third parties are falsely claiming my music, which has cause havok, and has led to widespread copyright claims on videos legally using my work. I’ve been putting off doing this for many years, but it’s become too big a problem to ignore…

With the help of Frequncy Music, I will be implementing a ‘Smart Content ID’ system on YouTube to protect the library from unauthorised uses.

This system scans video descriptions for proper credits. If none are found, a copyright claim is automatically placed on the video.

This will stop any more rogue copyright claims, and prevent random internet cretins from trying to steal my music and go after you lovely people.

It will also ensure all legitimate users can be assured that they will never get a copyright claim in the future.

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