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About Silverman Sound Studios

Silverman Sound Studios, is all about getting amazing music into the hand of creators everywhere! But wait! It’s also the best free music! Whether you’re a filmmaker, video game developer, content creator, or simply a lover of exceptional sound, you’ve come to the right place.

Founded by composer/producer Shane Ivers, Silverman Sound Studios offers a crazy diverse array of original and meticulously crafted soundtracks, and music compositions. 

Why Choose Silverman Sound Studios?

Extensive Library

My constantly expanding library features a vast collection of royalty free music tracks catering to a wide range of genres and moods. From cinematic orchestral pieces to upbeat electronic beats, soothing ambient sounds to intense action cues, I gotchu…

Professional Quality

I take pride in the exceptional quality of my work. All music is created using cutting-edge recording and production techniques. My musical obsession ensures that you receive the finest audio content for your projects.

Licensing Made Easy (and FREE)

The straightforward licensing model allows you to use my music hassle-free. With clear licensing terms, you can focus on your creative endeavors without worrying about copyright issues.

Custom Projects

I understand that sometimes, a project demands a unique touch. If you require custom compositions or sound designs tailored to your specific needs, I’m more than happy to collaborate and bring your vision to life. Let’s do it!

Customer Satisfaction

You guys are at the heart of what I do, and I really want to provide the best service possible. If you have any questions, need assistance, or have requests for new styles or vibes for the library – let me know!

Thank you for choosing Silverman Sound. I’m so happy you’re here, and I look forward to being part of your creative endeavors!

To download some completely, absolutely, 100% royalty free music tracks, visit this page. All the music here is available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License. Just give credit, and you can use the song in any way you like! Did I mention it’s all free?

Shane Ivers: Purveyor of Sonic Wares

Shane IversI make music! Music for games, music for films, and music for anything else you care to think of! I also give away free music under a Creative Commons license.

After a lifetime dedicated to it, I am an accomplished musician, composer, and engineer, who works to a very high standard. I’m available now to assist you with your projects, and musical production needs! I’m based in the United Kingdom, and run my own fully fledged project studio.

Thanks for looking, and I hope I can be of assistance! Shine on!


Hello, hello! So, for some reason, you want to know more about me. Don’t worry, I won’t judge you…

So, basically, I’ve been into music (and art in general) since before I can remember. My childhood placed an irreversible obsession with art in me; in hindsight, this is probably bound to happen when you grow up in an art gallery (I’m not joking).

I was also a very inquisitive child; science and technology really took hold of my imagination. I was always building stuff, and grew up around computers.

Eventually music won (yay)! And as I developed my instrumental, and songwriting skills over the years, the interest in music, science, and technology eventually united into the only logical thing it could become. That being music technology, computer composition, acoustics, sound engineering, etc. etc.

So to hone my skills, I went to college and University, and then even did a Master’s in electronic composition & music in AV media.

During this I worked furiously in studios, and any and all projects I could find. Where most students spent their student loan on alcohol, I spent the majority of mine on pro audio equipment (because I’m on a whole other level of cool).

Silverman Sound Studios

After my formal education finished, I began to assemble my own studio, and started creating music for people that needed it. Actually, I even created music when no-one needed it. I had too much music, and had to find a way to share it with the world in a way that meant something to me. I thought I can do my part to help other creators that needed resources, all the while giving me an excuse to compose more music, not to mention promote myself.

That led to me setting up the website in which you are currently on. I built it myself, as I’m always tinkering, and learning to develop websites is kinda useful anyway.

So now I’m in the possession of skills, a lovely little project studio, a cool website, and I’m in the position of doing what I love for a profession.

I called my enterprise ‘Silverman Sound Studios’. Why? Well, an anagram of my full name is “he is a silver man”, and this has become my handle, and username on many a website/account/gamertag thingummy. So the Silverman represents me, and the Sound represents everything I do (mainly, but not limited to music), and Studio, ‘cause, well, it’s a studio… All of that, plus the pleasant alliteration created by three (four?) ‘S’s, makes a name!

Thanks for reading, and I hope we can work together!

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