silverman sound studios

Greetings! You've Found the Website for Silverman Sound Studios, AKA Mr Shane Ivers

I make music! Music for games, music for films, and music for anything else you care to think of! I also run an online mixing and mastering service, give away free music under a Creative Commons license, and just generally obsess over, well, music. Find out more in the "Where To Go" tab, and explore these different aspects in greater detail. 


After a lifetime dedicated to it, I am an accomplished musician, composer, and engineer, who works to a very high standard, and is available now to assist you with your AV projects, and musical production needs! I'm based in the United Kingdom, and run my own fully-fledged project studio. This website collates all of my musical endeavours into one place.


Thanks for looking, and I hope I can be of assistance! Shine on!