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Well hello you! You’re clearly a very interesting person, and so you’ve got interesting things to share. So why not share it alongside music that has a voice? Music that matches your passions. My music is bold, unique, quirky; each track a handcrafted musical treasure that make a connection. Tell your story with music that has a soul. Here’s a few linky-dinks to get you started…

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Welcome to the home of my royalty free music compositions!

Are you on the lookout for some delightful music to spice up your project, your video, your game, your podcast or your stream? Well you’re in luck!

My collection of professional royalty free music tracks is diverse, filterable, easy to download, and use for absolutely any purpose. These tracks are hand-crafted with passion, fresh as harvest day, and ready to elevate your content or project to the next level.

And the best part? These tracks are not only 100% free to download and use, but also come with a Creative Commons license, meaning you can use them for commercial purposes!

Silverman Sound Studios Home Studio

From dreamy piano ballads to pumping electro beats. Whimisical fairy music, to industrial grit! You’ll definitely find a track that will set just the right mood for your project. Add a touch of class to your presentations. Give your latest indie game an atmospheric soundtrack that will make your players feel truly immersed. Keep your YouTube videos fresh and interesting. My royalty free music tracks are going to be your bestest friends.

Get downloading! Head over to the Royalty Free Music page and start browsing the collection today.

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Shane Ivers

All music composed and produced by the venerable Shane Ivers Esq. 🧐

Shane Ivers has been a semi-deranged composer for about two decades now, creating some of the most epic, top-quality free music just for you!

Shane's music can be heard everywhere, from your favourite online videos, to your guilty-pleasure TV shows, all the way to the big screen in your local indie cinema.

So if you're in need of epic music to fit your vision, he's got your back.

People who have said nice things:

"Working with Shane was exactly what my project needed. I'm a control freak and the smallest details are really important to me. Shane was extremely patient with this and absolutely knocked it out of the park when it came to making my vision come to life. He gets it. I couldn't be happier with how things turned out. I would highly recommend him for any project and I can't wait to work with him again. Thanks, Shane!"
"All of Shane's music is excellent quality. My wife and I used a few of his tracks for our [GameJam project], and we won first place. "Snap Happy" and "Happy Clappy Ukulele" fit our theme perfectly."
"Just wanted to pop by and say that in my exhausting search for some creative commons music to accompany a showreel I am about to try and make, your site is the nicest, most user friendly, well written of them all. Just wanted to thank you for the effort you have put into this and, of course, fabulous selection of music :)"
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