The Power of Stems: Get More From Your Track!

STEMS! How to use 'em

Many tracks on Silverman Sound Studios come with “stems” when you purchase the Pro License, but what exactly are stems? In the crazy world of content creation, flexibility and creative control are key to achieving professional and dynamic results. Not to mention making your life easier! This is where stems come into play. If you’ve come across the term “stems” in the context of music but aren’t quite sure what it entails or why it’s beneficial, this article will clarify everything you need to know. Plus, we’ll explore specific examples of how you can leverage stems in your projects!

What Are Stems?

In music production, stems are individual audio files that break down a track into its core components. Instead of dealing with a single, mixed-down audio file, stems allow you to access and manipulate separate elements of a song. For instance, a typical song might be divided into the following stems:

  • Drums: The beat and rhythm section, including kicks, snares, hi-hats, and percussion.
  • Bass: The low-end frequencies that drive the groove.
  • Melody: Lead instruments or vocal lines.
  • Harmony: Background instruments, chords, and supporting vocals.
  • Instrument groups: like strings, brass, woodwind, and percussion in an orchestral track, for example.

These isolated tracks provide much more control over the music, enabling content creators to tailor the music to their specific needs.

How Does One “Stem”?

You’ll receive a zip file with all the .wav files for each stem. Simply highlight them all and drag them into your program of choice. You might want to lower the volume of them all by the same amount so it’s not too loud. Then, if you align them all at the beginning, and hit play – hey presto! You’re playing the full song! 

But you’re not here for the full song, no no… Here where it gets interesting, by simply muting, or changing the volume of one of the elements, you have an instant new vibe!

One way I use stems all the time is by making an underscore – just mute the drums or percussion track, and you normally get a much more laid back sound that works better for more mellow themes.

Stems in their natual habitat: an image of waveform for vocals, bass, drums, and other that make up one song.

Why Are Stems So Useful?

Enhanced Creativity and Flexibility

With stems, you can remix and rearrange the song to fit your project perfectly. Whether you want to extend a section, create a loop, or remove certain elements to suit your vision, stems give you the freedom to do so.

Maybe you want to add some reverb for a bit of extra drama, but it ends up sounding like a bloated mess. You could add the reverb to just the drums so you have all the drama, but you don’t lose all the musical definition.

Improved Mixing

You can adjust the levels, EQ, and effects on individual elements rather than trying to manipulate the entire track at once. This can result in a cleaner, more polished final product.

For example taking mids out of the song’s chords to make space for a narration or voiceover.

Seamless Integration with Visual Media

When working on a film, commercial, or video game, having stems allows you to sync the music more effectively with the visual content. For instance, you can emphasize certain instruments or adjust the dynamics to match the on-screen action.

Customizable Performances for DJs and Live Acts

Maybe not my tradtional crowd, but DJs can use stems to create unique mashups, transitions, and remixes on the fly, tailoring their performance to the energy of the crowd. Live acts can incorporate stems into their setup to deliver more dynamic and interactive shows.

Examples of What You Can Do with Stems

1. Remixing and Reimagining Tracks

Imagine you’ve found the perfect song, but it doesn’t quite fit the ‘beat’ of your video. The exiting bits,  and the quiet bits all happen at the wrong times! Well with stems, it’s much easier to switchthe ordcer of sections around, and experiement until you get something that fits your vision. If you want to keep the beat nicely aligned, check out my BPM calculator, which includes downloads to beat “rulers” you can use in your video editing software.

2. Creating Dynamic Soundtracks

Suppose you’re working on a film and need to adjust the music to match the emotional arc of a scene. By using stems, you can lower the volume of the drums during a tense moment, gradually bring in the strings to build suspense, and then introduce a full orchestral swell for a dramatic climax. This level of control can significantly enhance the impact of the visuals. You could start with just the bassline and drums, gradually introduce melodies and harmonies, and then drop the full track at the emotional peak of the narritave.

3. Mash Things TF Up

Get more than one set of stems, and you can start merging two or more songs together, grab a bassline here, and a drum beat there and start making something totally unique! Most of my tracks include tempo data to make things a little easier.

Say “YES” to Stems!

Music stems are a powerful tool for anyone involved in content creation, providing flexibility, control, and creative potential that a single mixed track simply can’t offer. Whether you’re remixing a song, scoring a film, performing live, or producing a commercial, stems allow you to customize the music to perfectly fit your needs.

By opting for the Pro License, you gain access to these invaluable resources, opening up a world of possibilities for your projects. Look out for the section on each page that let’s you know that there’s stems! And if there’s one missing, let me know and I’ll see what I can do about making some for you!

Unlock the full potential of your creativity with stems, and transform your music into something truly unique and tailored to your vision.


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