Royalty Free Music FAQs

As long as clear credit it given, you’re covered to use these songs for free under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. This covers you to use the song for anything. Yes! Even commercial use!

For most applications, please use this format:

Music: Title by Shane Ivers –

Just replace ‘Title‘ with the title of the track you’re using, simples! I’d appreciate it if you don’t remove the URL. Having the URL/web address lets people visit my site more easily.

If you are using more than one song of mine, and you don’t want to list out each one, you can instead do this:

Music by Shane Ivers –

IMPORTANT: YouTube videos must include proper credits in the description box. This is what stops you getting caught by the Content ID system, and getting a copyright claim.

Most online platforms have a text description box; this is the perfect, and probably easiest, place to put the credit. Or you can do it in any way so that a curious consumer of your content can easily find the credits if they want to see who made that most amazing song they are hearing.

If you’re wanting to use a track in a format that can’t display a web-based credit (e.g. TV, Games & Radio), you can include the credit in any way the viewer can clearly find. Films and TV, for example, usually have scrolling text credits at the end – so this would be perfect!

If you cannot give credit, you must purchase a Pro License. Having a Pro License means that you don’t have to give credit! I charge $25 per song per project for these, and you can find buttons to add these to your cart with each track. Click here to read the terms of the agreement.

Yup, the Creative Commons license is totally free. However, you MUST give me credit (before you download and use anything, please make sure you’re familiar with how to do that. Look at the first FAQ to see how to do that).

If you found this resource useful, I really appreciate a small donation though! You can really help me out by either:

Making a donation with your credit card, debit card, or PayPal account:

paypal donate button


If you’re feeling a little more flush, and you want cool perks (like unlimited licenses and downloads), you could set up a monthly recurring donation on Patreon:

Become a patron

You can use royalty free music after the initial purchase with no extra charges. While the initial license may still cost a bit of money, it grants you the right to use the licensed music in your projects without having to pay for each use. The music on Silverman Sound Studios is totally royalty free, and the initial license is also free if you choose to use the Creative Commons license (see below).

Creative Commons music refers to music that you can license using the Creative Commons framework. This allows creators to share their work with the world while still retaining certain rights. Specifically, the music featured on this site can be licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0, which means you are free to use it as long as you give me credit. If you’re interested in learning more about Creative Commons and how it works, go check out their website.

Well, I thought I had made this clear, but the only things I charge for is a Pro License (which is only if you can’t/don’t want to give credit as outlined above), which come with high-quality WAV downloads (because they are big files)

The mp3 is free and easy to download. Click on the “Download MP3” button for the song you want. 

The “Add Pro License to cart” button is only there for people for whom giving a credit is undesirable/unfeasible for whatever reason.

Whatever you want! Seriously! As long as I’m credited, there are no restrictions (almost). You can use the music for commercial applications, for educational purposes, for editorial use, filmmaking, video games, podcasts, YouTube, etc. etc…

You can’t pass it off as your own, of course, that would make me a sad panda. You also can’t sub-license it, which means you can’t host the music yourself and offer it for download as stock music, even with credit. This is because by hosting it on my website, I can control the quality, and ensure that all traffic comes to this website. I can then beg for your money on the page to cover the cost of hosting, which I would otherwise miss out on.

To emphasise, in the hope that people stop asking: whatever the platform or application, wherever it’s played, whether the music is in, on top of, or beneath the thing you are making, whatever the theme or subject – you are allowed to use it. You don’t need to ask permission…

Simply put, as long as you adhere to the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, you can use the music in any which way you want, free of charge forever, and with no royalties.

Best of luck with your projects! =)

Basically, I’m operating totally independently from the big royalty free music sites. Remember, when you buy from them, usually most of the money goes to the corporation, and the rest goes to advertising campaigns, and the little scraps left over actually go to the artist who created the music you really like. Because I don’t advertise, and I try to keep my overheads low, I can offer a much more reasonable price for licenses. So the vast majority of the price you pay goes directly to me! Thus, now you’re getting a bargain, and I get more sales (hopefully).

Seriously – go support your favourite artists directly!

No, go right ahead, download the track, and get cracking. However, I’d love to hear how you’ve used my music, so please feel free to send me links to your projects when they’re up. Hit me up on your social platform of choice @SilvermanSound. Or send me an email here.

This is a common request, and I’ve finally set this up! There are three ways in which you can do this.

The first is by buying the zip file of all the mp3s from my shop, which you can find here:

The second way is to become my patron, whereupon joining the “Recording Engineer” tier you will be able to access the link to the regularly updated zip file with all the mp3s gently nestled within. Become a patron here.

The third and final way is to go through each song’s page and click on the download link. So have fun with that! 😉

No, no, no, no! The whole reason for the Pro License is that that you don’t have to give credit. That’s the only reason it exists. Buying one and then giving credit would be a bit silly.

I would consider a project to be all the parts of a related whole. For example, a film or game would have just one part, as it’s standalone. For web series, podcasts, TV shows, advertising campaigns, and things that comprise multiple episodes, the license will cover you for the entire run. Rest assured you don’t need to buy a license for each episode!

So there are basically two main buttons, and these are at the top of each track’s page. These are”Add Pro License to Cart” & “Download MP3 Free”.

“Download MP3 Free” – This button gives you an instant download of a high-quality 360kbps MP3 file of the song. Combined with giving a credit, this is the core of what I mean by “free music”. You pay nothing, and can just save this file and use it however you wish.

“Add Pro License to Cart” – this adds a license for the song to the cart – fancy that!

Once you’ve purchased what you would like, you can now use the song in any way you want, but you no longer have to give credit! See!

The Pro License also includes a WAV file of the song. That’s a file format that’s CD quality (or 16 bit at 44.1 KHz).  Some tracks have stems you can do your own mixes (I only include stems this where explicitly stated in the description).

Firstly, thanks very much! You can really help by donating a dollar (or multiples thereof):

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You can also become a patron, and donate monthly in return for exclusive perks!

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Other than donating, you can really help by sharing a link to my free music page on your preferred social media website. You are helping way more than you can imagine. These days social media buzz is probably the best marketing tool that exists, so anything you do to spread the word, and drive traffic to my site is amazing!

Go and subscribe to my YouTube channel. YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world, and you can help give me more views by subscribing and liking my videos.

Even better, if you run a blog, write a piece including a link to my free music page. This will really help to drive traffic to my website.

Also, by letting anyone you know who is involved in any aspect of the media industry that I actually exist, and have all sorts of music, and sonic services available is also incredibly helpful. Know an indie game developer, or filmmaker? Tell them about Silverman Sound Studios. Word of mouth for the win! I’m very easy to work with, I promise!

This website costs money, I have food to buy, and bills & rent to pay. Any and all donations, referrals, shares, and likes enable me to spend more time working on music, and especially expanding this collection of free music. =)

So you need original music eh? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Of course I can make you a professional quality track (or tracks), that I will create from scratch, formulate to fit your project perfectly, and can even feature a real full orchestral score! With me, you are getting someone with a lifetime of experience, a healthy musical obsession, and a genuine passion for what they do.

I have the technical skills, and the musical mind to create the very highest quality music for your project. I love composing music, so you can employ an enthusiastic, and skilled composer who charges very little because of his artistic temperance, and low overheads.

As a bonus, I will also mix, master, and compress any tracks I produce for free! Creating great background music is a fine art, one that must balance musicality without overwhelming the voice, visuals, and SFX. By hiring an experienced music composer, you’ll be receiving the best possible product.

I compose to your exacting specifications, and you can be sure of receiving a professional, and polished sounding track that is of broadcast quality. I will make as many revisions as you need until you’re happy. Turnaround times are very fast, and prices are competitive. Contact me for more details.


For a unique composition, I will generally charge something in the region of $200-400 per minute of music for an exclusive license to use a track for one project, plus ancillary uses (like for promotional content, and advertisements, etc).

It’s difficult to give a precise figure, as each project has vastly different requirements. A sedate ambient piece might not take quite so much work as, say, a hyper-detailed full orchestral composition. Besides this, whether your project just wants a license to use the track, or needs a full buyout will affect pricing.

If the project is really interesting, you may tempt me to do it for the price of a voluntary donation. This would be more of a collaboration between us, as it would become part of the Creative Commons library for everyone to use – and as such you’d have to abide by the rules that apply to that.

For a bespoke quote, please contact me, and give me the details on exactly what you need.

No, you do not have to pay to use the music on this site. It’s completely, 100% free to use, as long as you follow the terms of the Creative Commons license, as stated above. However, I would greatly appreciate your support through a donation or patronage. Supporters literally keep Silverman Sound online with their generosity, so any support you can provide is appreciated. You can learn more about how to support me here.

If you’re unable to provide credits, or simply prefer not to, you also have the option to purchase a one-time Pro License. This license means you can use the music without having to give credit.

For those using the Creative Commons license: Yeah, go nuts. Sing over them, chop them up, add crazy effects, whatever. However, you HAVE TO identify what is my work, and what is your work in the credits. Cutting and splicing is fine though, just use the standard credit.

For the pro license: you can, of course, edit the track to fit your needs. Cut, splice, speed-up etc. it’s all good.

BUT BE WARNED: You can’t distribute these edits as a standalone music track. For example, you sing over it, and then put the song on Spotify/Apply Music, etc. This screws up the copyright system for everyone, as legitimate users will end up getting automated strikes.

Stock music, also known as library music, is pre-recorded music that is available for licensing and use in various media projects. It’s often used in television, film, video games, and other multimedia productions. People may use “stock music” and “royalty free music” interchangeably, but they are actually kinda different.

The term “copyright free music” is commonly used to refer to music that you can use without getting any copyright claims or strikes (fun). However, there’s no such thing as truly “copyright free” music. A more accurate term would be “copyright claim free music.” Nonetheless, you can use the music on this site without fear of copyright infringement, as you have proper royalty free licensing options! So while the term “copyright free music” may be misleading, you can still use my music without worrying about legal issues. Bonzer!

No guarantees, but by all means send me over any ideas you might have for certain styles. It’s always very helpful to get inspiration from the people who use my music. I’ve got a long list of styles of songs I want to make, and if you’ve got a suggestion, I’ll add it to the list!

Of course you may! You’ll find an ISRC listed on each track’s page. Or you can check out the master list here.

Glad you asked. At the bottom of every page, there’s a form to subscribe to my newsletter, where you can learn about bits and pieces I’ve been up to. I’d love to have you along for the musical ride.

I also have a variety of social media gubbins that I post to. Mainly track updates, but useful if you like that kind of thing. Links to these are at the bottom of each page.

For more in depth things, I occasionally deign to post something to my blog. There are some bits and bobs there so check it out if you have time.

The library is now registered with Content ID, an automatic copyright detection system on YouTube.

All you need to do if you get a claim is add the correct credits to the video description, and complete a release form.

All the details to resolve this can be found in this guide.

If it’s a fraudulent claim from a rogue third-party, please use the dispute function and select: “I have a license or written permission from the proper rights holder to use this material”. After this, in the explanation section, state that you’re using the music under a Creative Commons license, and include a link to the download page for proof. This should resolve your problem in a day or two.

I’ve made uncompressed files (16bit WAVs) available with the purchase of a Pro License.

WAVs are big ol’ files, so I can’t give them away for free, else my hosting costs would be insane.

Some songs have extra goodies included when you buy the uncompressed file, such as alternative versions, and individual stems (instruments on their own track) so that you can make your own mixes.

After many years amassing equipment, instruments, and sample libraries, plus even more years of composing, and mixing music, I can’t fully describe the exact process, but I’ll give you an overview. I use Logic running on a Mac Mini to create all of my tracks, and have a huge pile of tools to produce a nice sounding piece of musical goodness.

I generally compose all of my music on the piano or in my head, and sometimes guitar. Then I orchestrate the melodies and harmonies using sample libraries, and instruments to give a full sound. When that’s done, I mix everything. Finally, I master the song, and do some final tweaks before it’s ready to upload to the website.

In terms of instruments/equipment, I have way too many guitars, various amps, a bunch of microphones, synthesizers, keyboards, and loads of other smaller instruments, yadda yadda… 

The website is not currently designed to work like that. It may be a thing in the future, but there are no plans even in the medium term. So no, not really.

Because I love making music, and I love people hearing my music! I’ve also benefited a lot from other people’s hard work that they’ve freely shared. The least I can do is share some of my own work too. I know how difficult it is when you’re starting out creating content, so giving away free resources is essential to getting fresh talent the tools they need to get out there.

Also, who doesn’t love a freebie? Giving away my music for free will mean my music reaches a bigger audience (a bit egotistical, yes I know…) But the more people listen and share, the more I’m inspired to keep creating. This way gives me the motivation to keep regularly writing new songs. The knock on effect of this is (hopefully) I’ll continue to improve my composition, mixing, and production skills.

With the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license, you have the freedom to use this music for virtually any purpose, as long as you provide proper attribution (credit). This means you can use the free music in your videos, podcasts, games, documentaries, Twitch streams, commercials, or whatever other crazy thing you’re making!  Click here for more information on the specific terms and conditions of the license.

Yeah go nuts! You can use the tracks for commercial or monetised purposes with no restrictions, as long as you comply with the terms of the license. This means you can use the music in advertisements, promotional videos, and other commercial projects without worrying about any legal issues. As long as you provide proper attribution and follow the guidelines in the license agreement, you’re free to use the music in any way you see fit. So go forth, and make all the money!

Absolutely! You can use any of the royalty free music tracks on this site in your YouTube videos with no issues. In fact, you can use these tracks on pretty much any site, project, platform, or product you can think of. As long as you follow the terms of the license agreement and provide proper attribution, you can use the music in your videos. So add some bops to your YouTube videos!

Yes, you can use the music for streaming on platforms like Twitch or other similar services. In fact, I would even encourage you to play the music directly from streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music while you’re live streaming. This way, I will earn a few micro-pennies for the use of my music, woooo! If you’d rather download the tracks and play them, that’s fine too.

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