The Cutest Bunny | Royalty Free Cute music

Description: A happy, positive, sweet, and gentle ukulele track. The sound of the softest creatures cavorting, sleeping, or just generally being cute. Almost sickeningly sweet, with a jumpy melody, and soft "oooohs" being sung in harmony. Very easygoing. Can't... Take... This... Level... Of... Cute...

Uses: So you've spent ages editing a video of your pet, but there's just something missing... This track!

BPM: 115

ISRC: UKEZT1600056

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Tags: acoustic guitar, acoustic, babies, baby, bouncy, bunnies, cats, child, children, cute, dogs, double bass, glockenspiel, joy, kids, kittens, male voice, mellow, nice, pets, positive, puppies, rabbits, soft, strings, sweet, ukulele, woodblock, xylophone

Creative Commons License
The Cutest Bunny by Shane Ivers is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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