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Description: Sick, and massive sounding METAL!! Huge guitar chugs, pinch harmonics (pig squeals), pounding drums, double kick brutality, and a pathetic bass guitar (as is traditional in metal). Kinda thrash style with elements of metalcore - very fun track to make! This is the kind of song that there was moral outrage about in the mid-80s (lol).

The uncompressed download includes individual instrument stems so that you can make your own mixes.

Uses: Anything that needs a sense of raw energy, aggression, or just pure badassery!

BPM: 154

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Tags: aggressive, angry, awesome, brutal, chug, dark, distorted guitar, djent, double kick, drop tuned, drums, energetic, fat, guitar solo, headbanging, heavy metal, massive, metal, metalcore, sweep picking, thrash metal

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Eyesplit by Shane Ivers is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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