The Amazing List of (Actually) 100% Free Music!

The Amazing List of (Actually) 100% Free Music!

There’s a million “best royalty free music” lists like this one on the interwebs, but not that many from an actual composer of free music! As such I’ve come across loads of the stuff!

If you’ve never heard of this site, and you’ve just landed this page, please check out my music here first! 😜


If you’re sick and tired of my music, read on!

So here I aim to gather all of the totally free music resources in one list. For a site to make the list, it must offer tracks that are not only free to use but also cleared for commercial purposes. No strings attached, no hidden costs.

Not gonna lie, it’s never going to be comrehensive, and I’ll be making updates to add more when I find them. This page is a work in progress – it’s going to look a bit messy. You should definitely bookmark it for later reference though. I’ve been making royalty free music for a long time, so I’ve pretty much seen them all by this point! There are currently 76 sites in this list.

If you know of a great resource that’s not on the list – pop it in the comments!


Review the individual terms and conditions on each site before downloading or using any music to ensure proper compliance.

Anthony Kozar

Anthony Kozar’s website features a collection of music licensed under CCSA.


Auboutdufil is a French website featuring a curated collection of royalty-free music across various genres.


AudioNautix offers a wide range of music styles, all available for free use, with an easy-to-understand licensing system.


This one time, I found loads of amazing music licensed under Creative Commons. There’s loads of music to be found here; bands and artist upload and sell their albums here, and it’s a real treasure trove of unique stuff if you’re willing to hunt around. Make sure you check the licensing terms at the bottom of the page. Here’s a few examples:


Bensound offers a wide selection of free music. You should all know this site!


blocSonic is a netlabel offering a selection of free CCBY licensed music, spanning various genres.

Brett Van Donsel

Brett Van Donsel shares his collection of music tracks, often available for free download, suitable for various multimedia projects.


ccMixter is a thriving community for sharing music and remixing tracks, offering a treasure trove of Creative Commons music.


CCTrax is a source for electronic and techno music with a strong focus on Creative Commons-licensed tracks.

Chillhop Music

Chillhop Records specialises in laid-back, chill beats, and provides a free license for those willing to sign up, and give credit.

Chris Zabriskie

Chris Zabriskie’s discography boasts a range of ambient and instrumental tracks available for free use.


Cullah provides a unique collection of eclectic music genres available for free, with an extensive discography. CCBY.

Eric Skiff

Eric Skiff’s website is home to a collection of retro-inspired chiptune tracks available for free. CCBY.

Filmmusic features several artists under one roof. A great collection, and some familiar names!


Foximusic offers a diverse selection of music genres with both free and premium tracks for content creators.

Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is a community-driven platform offering a vast library of Creative Commons music. Here’s a few artists to get you started:

Free Soundtrack Music

If you’re willing to hunt around Free Soundtrack Music, you’ll find a handful of free cinematic and orchestral pieces.

Free Stock Music

Free Stock Music is a source of royalty-free music for a wide range of content, from podcasts to presentations. is dedicated to offering free hip-hop and rap beats for aspiring musicians and content creators.


FreePD offers a collection of public domain music. It’s run by Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech fame.


Freesound is a brilliant resource for sound effects. It also has a bunch of free music too, though!


iBeat provides a selection of free music loops and beats for use in videos, presentations, and more.


Incompetech is home to Kevin MacLeod’s extensive collection of royalty free music, covering a crazy wide range of genres.


You have to do some serious digging, but there are CC licensed tracks to be found!

Jordan Winslow

Jordan Winslow shares his portfolio of free-to-use EDM music tracks, perfect for energetic content.

Josh Woodward

Josh Woodward’s website is a lovely collection of indie rock and folk tracks available for free.

Kai Engel

Kai Engel provides an array of beautiful, atmospheric music tracks available for free download.

King James

King James offers a blog featuring royalty free music tracks for content creators, including cinematic and orchestral compositions.


Kongano hosts a collection of instrumental and electronic music for use in videos and podcasts.

Machinima Sound

Machinima Sound is a resource for video game-related music and soundtracks, they have a bunch of older tracks licensed under CCBY.


Mixkit offers a wide range of free music, video assets, and sound effects. Apparently they don’t even want credit to use the music!


Musopen provides a wide selection of classical music recordings, sheet music, and educational resources, all free to use.

No Copyright Music

Liborio Conti has hundreds of tracks, and you don’t even have to credit him!


NoCopyrightSounds is a renowned label that offers a selection of electronic music tracks for free use in videos, livestreams, and other creative projects.


Opengameart is a resource for open-source game assets, including music and sound effects for game developers. Use the filters to find the free stuff!


Peritune offers a selection of free music tracks, including orchestral, chiptune, and RPG-style music. It’s all in Japanese, so I’m not 100% sure of the rights – so be careful!


Pixabay now has loooooads of music. I use the pictures from here all te time – it’s a really good site.


PlayOnLoop provides a collection of looping music tracks ideal for background music in games and videos. They have a CCBY license option.

Purple Planet

Purple Planet provides a range of music tracks, including various genres and moods, for free use.

Scott Buckley

Scott Buckley offers cinematic and ambient music, often available for free use in creative projects.

Scott Holmes Music

Scott Holmes shares his diverse collection of music tracks, perfect for adding depth to your content.

Serpent Sound Studios

Serpent Sound Studios offers a library of music tracks for free use. Great fantasy and metal stuff!

Silverman Sound Studios

Silverman Sound Studios… Wait…

Sleep Facing West

Sleep Facing West’s website provides a selection of free music tracks, ranging from ambient to folk, perfect for enhancing your creative projects.


SoundCloud is a global platform for sharing music, where artists often offer tracks for free use. There’s an insane amount of music avaliable here. Get started with these:


SoundImage provides a library of music and sound effects, perfect for use in games and videos.


Soundscrate has a limited selection of tracks that you can download for free.


TakeTones offers a collection of modern and electronic music tracks for free use in content creation.


TeknoAXE provides a diverse selection of electronic and rock music tracks, often available for free.

Tim Beek

Tim Beek provides a selection of free, high-quality music tracks for content creators.

Toxic Audio Labs

Toxic Audio Labs offers a unique library of heavy metal and rock music tracks for multimedia projects.

Twin Musicom

Twin Musicom specializes in providing a variety of music tracks and soundscapes for creative projects.


Twisterium offers a collection of cinematic and electronic music tracks suitable for video content.


Lots of high production quality pieces here. Sign up for 3 free tracks a month from a limited selection.


YouFulca provides an array of electronic music tracks.


ZapSplat has free music too!

Well that ought to keep you busy for a bit.

I will say, if you find an artist you love, please do what you can to support them – we always appreciate it!

I’ll continue to update and expand this list as I unearth new gems.

So, bookmark this page for your future projects, and don’t forget to share your favorite resources in the comments. Let’s make beautiful content together!

Shine On!

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