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Description: There's a really good Chinese restaurant near me called Zen Garden. The decor is all sleek and minimalistic, and there's lots of running water and fish tanks. The chilli prawns are also amazing, so I decided to write a small tribute song. In this spirit, this song is a fusion: an electronic, chilled out groove, with an Eastern flavour. Modern, relaxing, positive, and uplifting, this song embodies the very essence of Zen. Got a bit of a mid-nineties chillout feeling to it, with a slow filtered breakbeat.

Uses: Any use where a project needs a sense of chilled uplifting, coolness. Yoga, spa, mindfulness, and any other activity that requires concentration.

BPM: 90

ISRC: UKEZT1600003

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Tags: activity, ambient, background, bass, beat, beauty, bell, bliss, chilled, clear, concentration, cool, drum, easy listening, electronic, emotional, ethnic, feel good, groove, groovy, gym, inspiring, instrumental, laid back, mellow, pure, relax, relaxing, yoga

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Zen Garden is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License by Shane Ivers of .

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