Lookin’ Up

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Uplifting, simple piano with light strings, a determined beat, and energetic acoustic guitar. Builds up the energy as the song continues.

Looking for the perfect soundtrack to give your content a boost of energy and motivation? Look no further than this uplifting piece of music, featuring a captivating piano melody and inspiring strings.

Whether you’re looking to add some pep to your videos, create an inspiring background for your travel vlog, or inject some enthusiasm into your podcast intros, this music is the perfect choice. Its dynamic energy will keep your audience engaged and motivated, and its catchy melody will stick in their heads long after the video or podcast episode is over.

So don’t wait – give your content the boost it deserves with this uplifting and energetic piece of music.

Uses: Would be great for a product video highlighting some new and innovative thingamajig.

BPM: 131

ISRC: UKEZT2200007

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