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Over the years I’ve found that I’ve needed to make a few sound effects on occasion. They’re all just sitting around gathering digital dust, so I thought I’d make them avaliable here for free! Or at least the price of a voluntary donation.

So here are a bunch of free sound effects. Please remember to donate if you found them useful! If you don’t, the earworm of guilt may well haunt you! Please use this button to donate:

There’s no fancy order, or sorting on this page. Just use your browser’s search function to find what you want.

Hallelujah Sound Effect

The classic “Hallelujah” by George Friedric Handel, produced and arranged by myself for your convenience! Very realistic sound, don’t accept robotic sounding substitutes!

For that classic sound of inspiration that everyone is familiar with. Perfect for lightbulb moments, moments of breakthrough, and comedy situations.

SFX Included (time in preview) | Hallelujah Single (0:00) | Hallelujah Single Choral (0:05) | Hallelujah Half (0:10) | Hallelujah Half Choral (0:24) | Hallelujah Full (0:37) | Hallelujah Full Choral (1:01) |

Heavenly Choir Sound Effect

The classic angelic, heavenly choir singing a simple major chord. A mixed group with a strong focus toward the female end.

The stereotypical sound effect to represent heaven. Often heard in cartoons, and comedic applications.

Explosion Sound Effect

Just a medium boom. A bang. A little explosion.

Rubble/Rock Fall/Debris Sound Effect

Four variations of a rubble sound effect with diminishing sizes. Dry sound so you can add your own reverb.

Perfect for caves, landslides, post-explosion rubble, demolition, etc.

59 Sizzle Sound Effects

Nothing but sizzles; big sizzles, small sizzles, over 50 of ‘em, so this set’s got you covered. Recorded up close and in stereo. Very clean sound with no ambience, allowing you to add your own depending on what the project suits.

Useful for burning, fire, seared flesh, frying, fireworks, blacksmith, molten metal, sparks, volcanic ash, branding, boiling water, welding, and steam.

13 Whoosh Sound Effects

13 various whoosh sound effects.. Looking for a transition sound with a real impact? None of your weak whooshes here, all of them are big and meaty!

Can be used for transitions, emphasis, presentations, or even a flying arrow if you’re feeling fruity!

38 Pop Sound Effects

38 distinct interface pops. Looking for that perfect pop? Well there’s plenty to choose from here, all different sounds and pitches! Treat your UI to a nice pop.

The classic sound heard in user interfaces, games, software, and presentations. But also can be used for pen lids, bubbles, and other sound building uses.

Photocopier/Printer Sound Effect

A clear, and crisp recording of a photocopier in action. Perfect for the sound of printing or copying in an office environment.

Sword Slash Sound Effect

A full sword, or knife slash sound effect. A swish, followed by an impact, and wounding noise. Pretty grisly stuff!

Great for historical, or fantasy games, films, and videos.

Rat Squeak Sound Effect

I spent ages pointing a microphone at a rat so you don’t have to! I don’t know how, but I managed to get a nice clean squeak without any running noises. So if you need a clear rat sound effect – this is what you need!

Powerdown Sound Effect

The classic sound of a big machine or computer system shutting down after having its power cut. Pro tip: you can reverse the sound effect, and then the machine is powering back up!

Button Click Sound Effect

Just a simple, satisfying click, as you would expect from a button, or lightswitch.

Engine Breakdown Sound Effect

A looping sound effect for a very unhealthy engine spluttering away. Would be great for a game when a machine is on low health for instance.

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