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I think we can all agree that music enhances a game or film. The very fact you’re here on this page almost certainly means you do! Music gives meaning, mood, continuity, memorability, and absorption; why wouldn’t you want music in your production!? But, finding the perfect music – that’s the hard part.


Or is it?


What if I told you that you can get professional quality music, that is created from scratch, is formulated to fit your project perfectly, and can even feature a real full orchestral score, for less than you think?


I have the technical skills, and the musical mind to create the very highest quality music for your project. I run a small project studio, and love composing music, so you can employ an enthusiastic, and skilled composer who charges very little because of his artistic temperance, and low overheads.


Epic Orchestral Scores | Rich Organic Ambient Soundscapes | Meaty Industrial Rock | Classic Chiptune

You’ve listened to the plethora of tracks I’ve created which have found their ways onto the vast reached of the internet. You know it’s awesome!

I am particularly interested in expansive, epic, and dramatic sounding symphonic styles, particularly with an element of fusion/hybridity. I also specialise in ambient, rock, industrial, and chiptune music.


Click the image below to hear examples ‘n’ stuff…

Shane Ivers Music

Now, if you’re looking for music for games, then you’ve come to the right place! You’ll be acquiring a professional, experienced, and enthusiastic team member. I have a professional project studio, and many industry-standard tools to create very high-quality music whatever the budget.


As an added bonus, I will also mix, master, and compress any tracks I produce for free! Creating great game music is a fine art, one that must balance musicality without overwhelming the gameplay. By hiring an experienced game music composer, you’ll be receiving the best possible product for your game.


And here’s the best bit: It is well known that great music can enhance a game’s appeal, drive sales, create a social buzz, and create additional revenue streams. If you go for the first “composer” that offers their services, chances are you’re going to be in for a rough ride. Many people think being a composer would be nice, and start sharing their tracks online without honing their craft, or their ability to produce the highest-quality music. By hiring me, you are getting someone with a lifetime of experience, a healthy musical obsession, and a real passion for what they do.


All music will be composed to your exacting specifications, and you can be sure of receiving a professional, and polished sounding track that is broadcast or game ready. I personally guarantee satisfaction, and will make as many revisions as are required. Turnaround times are very fast, and prices are competitive. Learn more here:


Also, in case you happened upon this page, for the price of a credit, and a link back to this website, I have a large selection of royalty free music available for absolutely free. Go and check these out as you may just find exactly what you’re looking for!


Okay, How Much Does it Cost?

It’s difficult to give a precise figure, as each project has vastly different requirements. A sedate ambient piece might not take quite so much work as, say, a hyper-detailed full orchestral composition. In addition to this, whether or not your project just wants a licence to use the track, or needs a full buyout will affect pricing.


Another thing that will impact the price would be the volume of music you’re after, a full film soundtrack will have a much lower cost per minute of music than a 30 second advertisement track for instance.


Generally speaking, for a unique composition, expect to pay arounf $300 per minute of music for an exclusive license to use a track for one application, plus ancillary uses (advertisements, etc). Remember, this if for a uniquely crafted piece of music; one that has been composed to your exact specification, and needs, not just found on a stock music website. For a bespoke quote, please contact me, and give me the details on exactly what you need.

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