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Bespoke Sound Design for Synchronisation Purposes. Sound Effects, Soundscapes, Foley, and Ambience

A world without sound effects, is chaos! Perhaps a slight overstatement, but I think that you'll agree that great sound effects really enhance the realism, and therefore immersion of films, and games.


Here's the thing though: The cream of the sonic crop used to be squarely in the realm of the big studios. This meant that getting decent sounds for your project was an expensive task. Luckily for everyone, the equipment, and techniques that used to be closely guarded by these studios are now in the reach of the mere mortals like you and I!


sound effects

I now have the necessary technical skills, knowledge, and equipment to create clean, crisp, and rich sound effects!


Now the best bit: I can produce high-quality sound effects for use in your films, indie games, and other AV projects. I have several lovely condenser microphones for producing sound effects from scratch, as well as sound libraries for creating the most specific of sounds. I can also produce stereo ambiances and background sounds to add life to your images.


I'm not going to lie, you could do this for yourself. The sounds that I create, you can certainly do equally well. You just need to invest a whole load of time, money, and effort. Alternatively, you can save all of that money, and time, and get someone who is ready to create great sounding sonic assets for you straight away! Why not Zoidberg me!? And this won't cost you all that much at all, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.


Prices start from as little as £2 per sound effect, and include specific mixing, and ambiance for free! Contact me for a quote.


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collections sfxIf you don't need custom sound effects, then I still got you covered! Click here to see my collection of stock sound effects available for purchase and immediate download.


Please take a look (and listen) to these example videos: Starcraft IIDark Souls.


I also have several 8-bit, and chiptune sound modules, which can be used to create classic old school game sound effects.


Having all the equipment I need to produce high-quality sound effects, I decided to allow my precious musical equipment be exposed to non-musical sound sources. Bashing things together is quite fun it seems. As well as bashing things together, I also spend a significant amount of time 'roaring' into the microphone, as well as creating sound out of pure electronic synthesis.


There's something very satisfying, and comforting about creating sounds for specific things. Perhaps it's because there is a level of objectivity that music simply lacks, not sure...


Prices start from as little as £2 per sound effect! Anyway, if you'd like to discuss prices, or anything else, please do contact me!

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