A fantastic SEO tool that I've been using recently. Here I explore its many features, and give my opinion at the end. Spoiler: it's good!

Like many other professionals, and small businesses, I do all webdesign, content, and (importantly) SEO work by myself.

The problem is, what with so many other commitments, keeping track of how my search engine results are doing, how fast my pages are, and a plethora of other checks I have to make can become quickly overwhelming.

Enter SanityCheck

SanityCheck is a tool I’ve been lucky enough to try out for the past few months, that takes data from your Google Search Console (or Webmaster Tools as it was known back in the day), archives it, and performs a bunch of checks and analyses which is served up in a neat daily email.

As well as the email, you also have access to a set of incredibly useful reports that are created from your Search Console data. For instance, you can easily identify any dead weight pages on your site by using the Content Quality Report.

SanityCheck content quality report

For instance, I found out that my blog tag pages were getting zero clicks despite having a fair few impressions on the ol’ Google search. This helped me to understand that these pages really were unnecessary, and so I cut them out. This is great for SEO, as your domain authority is shared out between all pages, and having too many useless pages dilutes this authority.

If, like me, you think that Search Console’s 90-day archive really restrictive, well good news! SanityCheck has got you covered by archiving all data for as long as you use the service. This means from the day you sign up, you be building a profile of how your site has changed over time. It’s really great seeing that nice upward trend. =D

SanityCheck search data

You also get to view all of your Search Analytics data in a much more user-friendly way. Switching between pages, queries, impressions etc., are now as simple as a click. What’s more, you no longer have to navigate through hundreds of pages, the data is all there to scroll though.

One aspect which I think will prove to be very helpful in the future is the new Content Ideas feature.

The initial description states: “Use this report to come up with new content and page ideas. Listed below are a number of queries your site appears for - that get searched for a lot - but your page does not get many clicks for.”

SanityCheck content ideas

This is fantastic for keeping track of any potential trends that might crop up, and making the most of them. The tool also includes a Google search autocomplete finder, so you can see exactly what Google considers to be closely related searches, and what are popular search terms.

SanityCheck keyword questions

On top of all of this, you get the classic keyword search engine position tracking, and daily page speed checks. I’ve already caught some issues early due to seeing anomalies in the PageSpeed numbers in my daily email. I went and did some tests and found out that a recently updated plugin was to blame. As I was able to fix this almost immediately, I didn’t get penalized in the ranking which is awesome!

SanityCheck keyword tracking

SanityCheck PageSpeed

SanityCheck PageSpeed email

Overall, SanityCheck has saved me a massive amount of time in my website optimisation efforts. This means more time to make music, yaaaay! What’s very exciting though, is the system is still in development, and loads of new features are in the pipeline.

SanityCheck has quickly become an indispensable weapon in my ongoing SEO battle. =D

Go check it out here!

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