So, I thought I’d share some of the more worthy portals of information that can be found out there on the crazy, convoluted, and awesome web. This will be updated as and when I find cool new stuff, so make sure you check back!

More Free Music

Incompetech – The home of prolific composer Kevin McLeod. Thousands of free tracks to choose from, and a nice filter system to hone your selection. So much variety it’s insane to think it’s all one guy.

Stock Footage Resources A good source of stoch video resources, as well as links to other portals, and some interesting articles.

Stock Photo Resources

Pixabay is an amazing place to get all sorts of totally free photos, a lot of which are CC0 licensed so you don't need to give credit.

Home Recording Studio Setup

E-Home Recording Studio – A really detailed. and well organised site. If you’re a beginner, work your way through the chapters. More advanced? Just skip ahead a bit. It’s easy to find out what you need, and goes into a lot of detail. Especially with regards to budgeting, and recommendations for great, affordable equipment.

Film Blogs

Celluloid Wicker Man – In depth analysis of avant-garde film, and the home of filmmaker Adam Scovell (I’ve composed music for some of his films!).

Game Development

Ludust – Like a social media site for indie game developers; assemble a team, and make a game!

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