Giving It Away

Written by Shane Ivers
  • Last updated: 19 July 2017

Well well well, I’ve decided to start making tracks to literally give away. Yup that’s right, they’re completely free! The one small caveat it that you have to credit me whenever they’re used for anything under the rules of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Licence

The reason I’ve decided to do this is that it’s a natural extension of what I already do with selling licences for stock music on AudioJungle. I’m constantly creating tracks, and some I feel aren’t quite good enough to charge 19 odd dollars for.

They’re still good tracks, don’t get me wrong, but I’d feel bad knowing they’re not my very best, 100% commercial standard products. Some might be a little noisy in the recording, have some tiny niggling mistake, or might just be really short. In any case, they’ll definitely be useful to someone!

Another reason I’ve decided to do this, is because I have been using creative commons, royalty free, non-attribution stock photos for quite some time now (especially Pixabay). Some of them are really good, and the photographer’s obviously quite skilled at their craft, and they’re giving away their baby for free.

I’ve found these photos incredibly useful, especially when getting myself established as they’re completely free! So I want to do the same to help out all the people who want to start making YouTube videos, or who are starting an e-commerce site, or need music for a school project or whatever.

What I’m trying to say is I’ve benefited a hell of a lot from the hard work of other people, and it’s time to give something back in turn.

So go visit my free music page, listen to the small but growing track list, download what you need, and remember to bookmark it!


Shane Ivers

Shane Ivers

Musical raconteur. Noise manufacturer. Tunemonger. Idiot.

Go download my royalty free music.

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