Professional Online Mixing & Mastering Service

Professional and Affordable Online Mixing and Mastering Service


Qualified Engineer

As well as receiving a Distinction in my music technology Master's, I am an experienced musician. This is a service for musicians by a musician.

Bespoke Solutions

Your music is unique, so your mix should be too. I approach each song in a way which fits the music and style best. There is no "one-size-fits-all" approach.

Industry Standard

With decades of experience, and £1000s of equipment, I provide a loud, clear, dynamic, and musical final product. Listen and hear for yourself!


Price List Example Mix

Isn't it frustrating when you've written, and recorded some epic songs, but they just sound flat and boring? When, after all that work crafting songs, practising, lugging gear, and suffering withdrawal from the amount of energy drinks you've consumed during crazy-long recording sessions, that the music you nurtured into existence falls on deaf ears?


The people who succeed as recording artists all do one thing very well: their products are all finely polished gems of musical awesomeness, regardless of style. Think about it, when have you ever come across a musician or band that has made any inroads into the industry with an album that sounds like a dodgy demo?


professional mixing

Well, I have the solution! An online mixing, and mastering service which will provide you with the quality mixes that are absolutely crucial in making a good impression on your listeners. All of this, and for prices that are really extremely low for the level of quality you'll receive.


Here's the deal: There's no need for anyone to go without professional-quality mixes, whatever your budget. With over eight years of studio, and mixing experience, I can deliver an industry-standard mix at an incredibly low price. Seriously, check out the price list lower down the page.


I can do this because I keep my overheads for the online mixing service very low, and run a compact, yet pro-standard studio. I also do this as I believe that musicians need all the help they can get in today's ultra-competitive music industry. That and the fact that I love mixing music, helping fellow musicians out, and the feeling you get from being a part of something successful!


You might be wondering: What's the difference between Silverman Sound Studios, and other mixing services? Well, quite simply, no-one offers the level of quality I can, at the price I charge. The ratio of price to quality of the final product is beyond compare. Just listen to the example mix below.


But it gets better! There's no need to fork out even more for a mastering service! I can also deliver masters that have been processed with the same tools that the elite mastering houses use. All this in one efficient, speedy, and crystal-clear package.


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Want to hear the best part? Whatever your reasons for recording your music, a quality product ensures you are taken seriously. Record labels are not going to be impressed if you send them bedroom-quality demos; you need a highly-polished, professional product which says: "we're serious about what we do".


Likewise, a poorly mixed song is not going to draw a large audience, or encourage sales; you want something that shows that you care about your craft. Put simply, you need a product which allows you to take on the giant labels on an equal footing. By using my online mixing service, I can provide you with that product.


Now: If you've already mixed your songs, no problem! I offer an incredibly cheap mastering as a standalone service.


online mixing service

Whether I've engineered your recordings, or you've done them yourself, I can provide a speedy, affordable online mixing service for you. I have professional studio equipment, and a vast array of plugins and effects to get the job done to a professional standard, easy peasy!


Generally, mixing takes 4-5 working days for single songs, and 14-18 working days for full albums. Of course, this can vary a little due to my workload, and any revisions will take extra time.


One more thing! Due to the nature of the online mixing service, please make sure you are as specific as possible when describing what you require. You won't be here in person, so make sure you let me know exactly what you want, by linking me to songs you'd like to sound like, or saying: "this guitar line needs lots of reverb" etc.


Also, please make sure you read the FAQs before making a purchase.


Listen to this example mix to hear what I can do for your music:


Service Description, Price List, & Purchase

  • Basic Online Mix
  • $100 per track
  • This mix gives you professional balance, even stereo spread, and sparkle to your raw recordings. It also sweetens the mix with reverbs, delays, and distortions. Removes pops, clicks, and crackles, and adds smooth fades, and crossfades. Bus compression to give a punchy, suitably loud, and cohesive mix
  • Basic EQ, compression, noise gating, reverb, delay, distortion & de-essing using industry standard plugins
  • Two free revisions
  • 16bit 44.1kHz wav
  • Advanced Online Mix
  • $125 per track
  • Everything in the Basic Online Mix (see above), plus advanced correction of pitch, rhythm, and recording quality. Evens out the mistakes in your recording, and makes sure vocals are pristine
  • Advanced EQ, compression, noise gating, reverb, delay, distortion & de-essing using industry standard plugins, plus advanced mixing techniques such as saturation, envelope shaping, and parallel & sidechain compression. Also includes vocal tuning, vocal harmonies, manual vocal editing, and rhythm editing
  • Two free revisions
  • 16bit 44.1kHz wav
  • Online Mastering
  • $55 per track
  • EQ, compression, peak limiting, reverb, stereo widening, bass enhancement, loudness maximization, fades/crossfades, noise reduction
  • DDP Standard, and metadata included
  • 16bit 44.1kHz wav
  • 320 kbps MP3



What files do I need to send?

I will need to be supplied with clearly labeled, and organised raw audio files (24 bit if possible). These must all be consolidated, and have a uniform start point for alignment in my DAW. This means that I can't use project files from the programme you recorded your music in, you must export the individul tracks as separate audio files. Composite tracks (that's tracks with multiple takes) must be fully bounced with the final version you want (vocals especially). Please include any mix notes/requirements, and any rough mixes you think I should hear. If you have any example mix from a commercial release that you'd like me to emulate, or something in a similar style with a mix you'd like, please give me links to these so that I can have a listen, and use it as a reference track. If you have MIDI tracks, and want to use any of my virtual instruments, this can be discussed as a possibility.

How do I send you these files?

Please upload them to an online file sharing service. I recommend, as you get 50gb of free space, and you can easily share folders with me by using my email address (which I will tell you after you complete your purchase).

How do revisions work?

After hearing the initial mix, you may want to make some changes. Just send me a message, and let me know what changes you'd like to make. Each service includes two free revisions per track. Extra revisions can be purchased for $10 per Basic Mix, and $15 per Advanced Mix. Please try to be as specific as possible from the very beginning. You do get two free revisions per track, use them wisely! For any revisions beyond your free revisions, please contact me, and I will email you a PayPal invoice. Please bear in mind that I have extensive experience mixing songs, and sometimes requests I receive are not in the best interests of creating a balanced, professional mix. If this is the case, I will explain to you why this may be a bad decision, after all, I want you to have a final product that both increases your professional image, and reflects well on my mixing abilities.

Can I get a refund if I'm not happy?

Your satisfaction is my number one concern! If you're unhappy, I can make small changes free of charge, or for bigger changes you can use your free revisions, or purchase extra revisions if you've run out. I'm afraid cannot offer refunds as you are paying for my time and expertise, not an audio file. But rest assured that I will keep working at your track until you are happy!

What if the service I want isn't listed?

For more complex, or simple projects, I will be happy to discuss options, just drop me a message. In this instance, if you decide to go ahead, I will email you either a PayPal invoice, or you can make a direct bank transfer in USD, GBP, or EUR. I gotcha covered!

How long is it going to take?

This depends on the project, how busy I am (I'm only one guy!!), the length of your songs, and any other commitments I have. Mixing usually takes 4-5 working days for singles, and 14-18 working days for full albums, but remember it could be quicker or slower! The better instructions you give me, the faster the service usually is, so plenty of descriptions, and example mixes if you please! =) You can send a message if you'd like a more specific answer at any given time.

Why set up an online mixing service??

That's a good question. After finding quite a few bands asking: "can you mix my music?" after they had already recorded it, I realised that many musicians often have raw recordings, or the knowledge to record themselves, but don't have the technical skills and equipment to actually mix to a satisfactory standard. So I thought "hey I could totally do that kind of thing online!" What with the availiablity of braodband, it's super easy to upload audio files nowadays, so distance isn't an issue, also the fact that I wouldn't have to travel to studios to engineer, or sepnd lots of time in meetings with clients meant I could operate a really tight ship, and offer very low prices for my services. This and I could spend more time doing the aspect I love most: mixing! So now when someone yells: "mix my music!", as long as they have access to the internet, I can do that for them. =)

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