The Count’s Castle

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The Count's Castle © 2022 by Shane Ivers is licensed under CC BY 4.0 Creative Commons logoCCBY icon

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Royalty Free Vampire Horror Music

Intensely unsettling, somewhat magical, all horrific! Big, deep orchestral sound, with clanging death knells, and a tinge of the Transylvanian! You’ll be forever terrified! For you’ll never escape… The Count’s Castle…

The Pro License includes stems of individual instruments so you can make your own remixes, or arrangements.

Have you been searching for the perfect soundtrack to amp up the spooky factor in your next project? Look no further! This piece of music will transport your audience to a world of intense unease and spine-chilling horror.

The orchestral sound is big and deep, with ominous, chilling bells that will send shivers down your audience’s spines. This track captures the eerie, otherworldly atmosphere of a haunted castle where danger lurks around every corner.

“The Count’s Castle” is the ideal choice for anyone seeking to evoke a feeling of terror and suspense in their audience. Whether you’re creating a horror movie, video game, or even a haunted house experience, this music will leave a lasting impression that your audience won’t soon forget.

So please go forth, and terrify your audience!


Would be ideal for a horror movie trailer.

BPM: 105

ISRC: UKEZT2200008

Royalty Free Music by Shane Ivers

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2 reviews for The Count’s Castle

  1. Aphrodity

    It sounds great. Love the tone and the creepiness. The low and high pitches are perfect. Then the drums and the piano with that creepy beat together. Love it. Well done my friend. I would love to hear more from you. More creepy the better. Your creations are amazing. I have a podcast that I will be using your music in my podcasts. More……

  2. Aphrodity

    I love it. Great work. Make more. The creepier the better.

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