Space Race

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Space Race © 2023 by Shane Ivers is licensed under CC BY 4.0 Creative Commons logoCCBY icon

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Royalty Free Adventure Movie Soundtrack

Epic orchestral music with a full choir. Jettison your secondary boosters as you start the Space Race! Determined string section, brazen brass, and a full choir speed you along your journey.

The Pro License includes stems of individual instruments so you can make your own remixes, or arrangements.

If you’re looking for a powerful and inspiring piece of music to accompany your epic space-themed video, look no further! This orchestral masterpiece is just what you need to take your audience on a thrilling ride through the cosmos.

Featuring a full choir, this track will give your project a sense of grandeur and majesty, while the string section and brass will create a feeling of urgency and excitement. The soaring melodies and sweeping dynamics will keep your viewers on the edge of their seats as they join you on your journey to the stars.

Whether you’re making a video about the history of the Space Race or documenting the latest advancements in space exploration, this music will add the perfect touch of drama and intensity. So let this epic composition carry you through the cosmos!


For a movie trailer, or a science fiction game perhaps?

BPM: 166

ISRC: UKEZT2300004


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