Soviet March

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In mother Russia, music plays you! A big patriotic military march in the classic soviet style. Big brass, strings, and snare drum back up a full male choir. So join the party, and get to work!

Soviet March is a classic Soviet-style military march with a patriotic flair. The composition features a full male choir, accompanied by a large ensemble of brass instruments, strings, and a snare drum. The music is designed to evoke a sense of pride and unity, evoking the power and strength of the Soviet Union. The use of brass, strings, and choir creates a powerful and majestic sound, while the driving rhythm of the snare drum keeps the music moving forward with energy and purpose. This music is sure to get people moving and is perfect for patriotic events and celebrations. The overall effect is a call to action, urging the listener to join in the with the collective spirit and get to work!


Cossack dancing videos, Siberian husky dancing videos, military themes, cold-war documentaries, Russian holidays.

BPM: 120

ISRC: UKEZT1600067

2 reviews for Soviet March

  1. Chinchilla


  2. Siete Visiones

    Excellent work! I love the russian army Style!

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