Savour The Moment

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Savour The Moment © 2016 by Shane Ivers is licensed under CC BY 4.0 Creative Commons logoCCBY icon

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Fresh, light, uplifting, and happy. Acoustic guitar, drums, and strings are arranged to lift the spirits, and bring joy to even the most curmudgeonly of souls. It even has a soaring guitar solo, and a little hint of harpsichord. What more could you want from life?

If you’re looking for a piece of music that will inject some positivity and happiness into your content, look no further! This track is fresh, light, and uplifting, with a joyful melody that will put a smile on anyone’s face.

The acoustic guitar provides the perfect foundation for the song, accompanied by a lively drumbeat that will get your audience tapping their feet. The addition of strings gives the piece a sense of grandeur and adds an emotional depth that will resonate with your viewers.

But that’s not all – the track also features a guitar solo that will take your audience to new heights, and a harpsichord that adds a touch of whimsy and playfulness to the mix.

Whether you’re creating a video montage of happy moments, a feel-good vlog, or a marketing campaign that needs an upbeat soundtrack, this piece of music is the perfect choice. It’s sure to lift spirits, bring joy, and leave your viewers feeling optimistic and inspired. So go ahead and add a little happiness to your content – your audience will thank you for it!


Would be perfect for an advert, or demonstration of a cool product. Great fer eliciting good times together.

BPM: 100

ISRC: UKEZT1600009


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