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Top Jazz Tracks

Top Royalty Free Jazz Tracks

A few of the best royalty free jazz tracks. Jazz is the perfect background music for your creations, so get jazzy! Everyone needs more jazz in their life. It’s smooth, easy, and makes for the perfect background music. Here’s a bunch to get you started!

In recent years, jazz has found its way into the world of background music, providing creators with an ideal soundtrack for their content. But why does jazz work so well as background music, and how can creators use it to enhance their work?

Free Sound Effects

Free Sound Effects

Over the years I’ve found that I’ve needed to make a few sound effects on occasion. They’re all just sitting around gathering digital dust, so I thought I’d make them avaliable here for free! Or at least the price of a voluntary donation.

So here are a bunch of free sound effects. Please remember to donate if you found them useful! If you don’t, the earworm of guilt may well haunt you! Please use this button to donate:

Music Composition

Custom Music Compositions

I think we can all agree that music enhances a game or film. Music gives meaning, mood, continuity, memorability, and absorption.

What if I told you that you can get professional quality music, that is created from scratch, is formulated to fit your project perfectly, and can even feature a real full orchestral score, for less than you think?

The Battle for Good Acoustics

The Battle For Good Acoustics – Infographic

An infographic detailing everything you need to know in the fight against your sonic enemies! The risks, your weapons, how to deploy these in the field, and advanced tactics! Treat your room today, and take back control!

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